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ADHS has resources and information that can help you make positive changes for you and your family. Want to stop smoking? Introduce more fruit and veggies into your family's diet? Lose weight? Stop drinking? All of these things will help you be a healthier person for yourself and your family.

ADHS provides resources like healthy recipes, a smokers' helpline, ideas for activity plans, and the current season for fresh fruits and vegetables grown in Arizona.

  • Weight of the State
    In Arizona, one in every three adults is overweight or obese. Arizona ranks 15th in the nation for childhood obesity. The weight of our state is not healthy and to get it healthy, we all have to do our part. Learn more about what Arizonans are doing to fight obesity and make Arizona the healthiest state in the nation.
  • Drinking Responsively
    Alcohol Awareness Fact Sheet — Know when you've had too much to drink, how to recognize if there is a problem and how to be safe when enjoying some spirits this holiday season.

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